Codes & Standards

The design and construction of all structures shall be in full compliance with the Beaumont Municipal Code, which adopts (but is not limited to) the following codes and standards which are adopted by refence as the building code of the City of Beaumont.

Additional Design Criteria

Basic Design Criteria                                                 Value
Seismic Design Category (SDC) - 2019 Building Code D
Seismic Design Category (SDC) - 2019 Residential Code


Basic Wind Speed - 2019 Building Code/ASCE 7-16 Risk Category II = 97 mph
Basic Wind Speed - 2019 Residential Code 110 mph
Window Exposure C
Ambient Temperature 99 degrees F ( for electrical conductor ampacity correction factors of the 2019 CEC
Soil Lateral Bearing Capacity 1,500 psf/ft (default value per 2019 CBC Table 1806.2 or per soils report
Climate Zone 10
Rainfall 2" per hour, 100-year return or higher values per hydrology report
Snow Load 5 lbs.

Lighting Requirements

Lighting Ordinance Special Note
Beaumont Lighting Ordinance Chapter 8.50