Beaumont - Back to Business

The City of Beaumont is using the State’s Resilience Roadmap to ensure that we can reopen as quickly and safely as possible under the State’s order. 

All cities and counties in the state will move through the Resilience Roadmap together. Exceptions to the roadmap include:
  1. A city or county may implement additional public health restrictions, OR
  2. A County Variance is granted by the state allowing the county to reopen faster if they are able to show that have met the readiness criteria prescribed by the California Department of Public Health. 

County Variance 

On Friday, May 22, the California Department of Public Health approved the county’s request to reopen more businesses, as part of the governor’s accelerated phase two. As part of the variance request, a Readiness and Reopening Framework was also submitted. The framework provides a path to reopen the Riverside County economy with the proper health and safety measures in place.  

Riverside County Readiness To Reopen Framework 

What’s Open? 

UPDATE July 13th:

Effective immediately, all Counties that have remained on the County Monitoring List for 3 consecutive days (this includes Riverside County) will be required to shut down the following industries unless they can be modified to operate outside or by pick-up. ⁣⁣

  • Dine-in restaurants
  • Wineries and tasting rooms
  • Movie theaters 
  • Family entertainment centers (for example: bowling alleys, miniature golf, batting cages, and arcades)
  • Zoos and museums
  • Cardrooms
  • Gyms and fitness centers, like yoga and dance studios
  • Places of worship and cultural ceremonies, like weddings and funerals
  • Offices for non-essential (non-critical infrastructure) sectors
  • Personal care services, like nail salons, body waxing and tattoo parlors
  • Shopping malls
  • Hair salons and barbershops

Bars, brewpubs, breweries, and pubs must close both indoor and outdoor operations unless they are offering sit-down, outdoor dine-in meals. Alcohol can only be sold in the same transaction as a meal. 

As California moves through the Resilience Roadmap, every business should take steps to reduce the risk of COVID-19 and create a safer environment for workers and customers by reviewing Statewide industry guidance to reduce risk. Businesses may use effective alternative or innovative methods to build upon the guidelines.

  1. Stage 1 - Safety/Preparedness
  2. Stage 2 - Lower-Risk Business
  3. WE'RE HERE - Accelerated Stage 2
  4. Stage 3 - Higher-Risk Business
  5. Stage 4 - End of Stay at Home Order

Stage 1 - Safety & Preparedness

  • Businesses that were deemed essential to operate throughout Shelter at Home Order
  • Continue to build out testing, contact tracing, PPE, and hospital surge capacity.
  • Continue to make essential workplaces as safe as possible:
    • Physical and work flow adaption
    • Essential workforce safety net
    • Make PPE more widely available
    • Individual behavior changes
  • Prepare sector-by-sector safety guidelines for expanded workforce.

Customers and individuals

Customers and individuals are encouraged to stay home if they have a fever or other COVID-19 symptoms. Those with symptoms or elevated temperatures should not shop, get services in person, go to work, or gather with others. If you’re not sure if this applies to you, check your symptoms with this Symptom Screener.

Higher risk individuals (over 65 or with serious medical conditions) should continue to stay home until Stage 4. Minimize errands by getting groceries delivered or asking for help from friends or family.

Shop safely! Crowded settings increase your risk of exposure to COVID-19. Wear a face covering or cloth mask, stay 6 feet away from others, avoid touching your face, and wash your hands when you get home.

Additional Information

We are in this TOGETHER - Our small businesses, their owners and their employees are the lifeblood of the Beaumont community. As we continue through the Resilience Roadmap, the City’s Economic Development Department is available to discuss the various loans and programs available. Email us today at