Shop Safe Pledge

The City of Beaumont is launching a new initiative with the aim of keeping the community safe from the spread of germs by asking local businesses and retailers to sign on and “Take the Pledge” to implement a number of precautions designed to protect both employees and customers.

Beaumont Shop Safe Pledge is:

A voluntary program for Beaumont businesses to commit to clean and healthy standards for their guests and employees to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a priority recovery initiative, this free program is being led by the City of Beaumont.

Why Participate?

To help build confidence among residents and visitors, Beaumont is asking local businesses to voluntarily pledge to commit to the health and safety of all guests, customers, and staff. Community surveys indicate residents will shop where they have confidence that the businesses are abiding by all new health and safety protocols. This in turn will assist businesses with economic recovery.

What happens when a business signs up?

By taking the pledge businesses will have a Beaumont Shop Safe Pledge icon displayed in their window. An additional webpage dedicated to Beaumont Shop Safe Pledge will list all participating businesses so visitors and customers can be made aware of participation. Businesses will also gain access to additional marketing tools to help spread the word about their pledge and commitment to public health.

Shop Safe Pledge Poster

How do I sign up my business?

It’s easy! Just fill out the commitment form below. Beaumont will take it from there and follow up with any further instructions.

* IMPORTANT: By checking the box below, you agree to follow the Beaumont Shop Safe Pledge. You are also acknowledging you understand that this pledge does not provide permission to operate beyond any government mandates.

Take the Pledge!