Equipment Rental Program

The Regional Stay Home Order has been lifted allowing many business sectors to re-open outdoors with modifications and Beaumont has you COVERED! As a piece of the City's Business Assistance Program, Beaumont is renting outdoor equipment FREE of charge for local businesses to open outdoor service.

Who Qualifies?

Businesses must meet specific criteria including those listed below to be eligible for consideration:

  1. Must have a physical location with the City of Beaumont.
    1. Store Front,
    2. Office Space, or
    3. Commercial Structure.
  2. Must be in good standing with the City of Beaumont.
    1. Current, Valid Business License;
    2. No Outstanding Code Enforcement Actions;
    3. No Violations of Any Applicable Law, Ordinance, Etc.; or
    4. Not Engaged in Any Unlawful Activities, Adult Entertainment, or Cannabis Industry.
  3. Must Pledge to Participate in the Beaumont Shop Safe Program.
  4. Must be Willing to Enter into a Equipment Rental Agreement with the City of Beaumont.

What Kind of Rental Equipment is Provided?

  • Outdoor Business Package
    • one (1) 10x20 City branded canopy
    • six (6) water barrels
    • ten (10) City branded event barricades          
  • Barricades ONLY – maximum 20 barricades
  • Canopy ONLY – maximum one canopy

How Will Equipment be Distributed?

Equipment will be loaned on a first-come first-served basis. The use period shall be the earlier of 45 days or seven days after the City requests in writing that the equipment be returned. If applications exceed available equipment, an eligibility list will be established. 

What Must be Submitted?

The following items must be submitted for an application to be considered complete and eligible for consideration:

  1. Completed Rental Equipment Program Application with Signature(s),
  2. Executed Copy of the Rental Equipment Agreement,
  3. Proof of insurance, 
  4. Completed online Shop Safe Pledge


Questions? Please email