Vehicles Towed for Parking Violations

The registered owner of the vehicle will need to come to the Police Department front counter to obtain a Vehicle Release Form to present to the storage yard. The owner must have a valid driver’s license or a person with them who does, and the vehicle registration must be current.

  • In the event the registered owner cannot be present, the Police Department will accept a notarized letter authorizing a person designated in the letter to claim the vehicle.
  • In the event the owner is in jail, a signature from the deputy or other official representative from the jail will be accepted provided there is a name and phone number for that individual provided so the department can confirm its authenticity.

There is a $175 administrative fee for the release of vehicles towed for parking violations, expired registration, safekeeping, etc. There is a $290 fee for the release of vehicles towed for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) violations.

30-Day Impounded Vehicles

Vehicles impounded for violations including driving without a valid drivers license or driving with a revoked / suspended license are not available for release for 30 days.

Post Storage Hearing

Purpose of Hearing:

The purpose of a Post Storage Hearing is solely for determining the validity of the impoundment.  A hearing is also to determine if a vehicle that is impounded for thirty-days is eligible for early release, pursuant to 14602.6 of the California Vehicle Code.  As a vehicle owner, you have the right to a Post Storage Hearing pursuant to 22852 of the California Vehicle Code. 

How to Request a Hearing:

The request for a hearing must be within ten (10) days of the date of mailing of the “Notice of Stored Vehicle.”  Failure to request a hearing within ten (10) days of the notice will end your right to a hearing.  Information regarding this process is available 24 hours a day by calling 951-769-8500.  To request a hearing, complete the bottom portion of this form and mail to: 550 E. 6th Street, Beaumont, CA 92223.

Present in person at: Beaumont Police Department, 660 Orange Ave, Beaumont, CA 92223.

Results of Hearing:

Pursuant to Section 22852 V.C., a hearing will be conducted within forty-eight (48) hours (excluding weekends and holidays) after your request has been received by the Beaumont Police Department.  The supervisor that reviews the matter will notify you of the results of the hearing via telephone. 

Post Storage Hearing Form