Special Events in Beaumont

Beaumont is a great place to hold and take part in a variety of special events.


Did you know that you can reserve on of the City of Beaumont's beautiful parks, pavilions, the municipal pool, and various City buildings/rooms? Whatever the occasion, the City has the perfect location to host your event! For availability, please contact our Community Services Department at 951-769-8524.

Special Event Permit

No person or organization shall conduct, operate, maintain, organize, advertise, or sell or furnish tickets for a special event or permit its premises to be used for any special event without first obtaining a special event permit from the City of Beaumont. Special event permits for events which fall into the "major," "minor" and "miscellaneous" special events categories shall be approved by the administrative authority and issued prior to the commencement of the special event.

Major special events - Events that impact multiple departments within the City and (a) have participation by five hundred or more persons, or (b) will result in the closure of a City roadway, street, right-of-way, or highway, or more than fifty percent of a City park (Example: carnivals, parades, festivals, car races, marathon events, street fairs). Applications shall be filed not less than sixty working days prior to the opening date of the event.

Minor special events - Events that impact multiple City departments and (a) have participation by less than five hundred persons, or (b) will have an impact on City rights-of-way (Example: block parties, grand openings). Applications shall be filed not less than thirty working days prior to the opening date of the event.

Special Event Application (PDF)

Helpful Information

  • Only one special event permit may be obtained every three months for any particular event site or for the same person, persons or organization. Any 501(c)(3) may apply for additional events (fundraiser car washes and yard sales.
  • A business license shall be required for any special event which involves the conduct of business within the City of Beaumont.
  • The Special Event Sponsor must procure and maintain insurance for the duration of the event.
  • The applicant shall obtain all required permits and pay all fees required under Chapter 9.03 and any other permits and fees required in the Municipal Code. Any 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization may claim an exemption from the established fee schedule by filing proof of such status and explaining why such an exemption is appropriate.

For detailed information on Special Events, please view Chapter 9.03 "Regulation of Special Events" (PDF) in the Beaumont Municipal Code.